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Eatable Organic Installation

Eatable Organic Installation

Eatable Organic Installation by Artist and Musician Dariuz Voltra.

Definition on art became more confusing and distracted from that what was needed the most. 

Our own definition of life where in we live, generate our soul or reflections of it. 

True research and studying arts it became more clear that exhibiting art pieces had no real relevant attachment for true existence.

It felt like another exhaustion pipe, polluting the planet..

By understanding the true nature of our existence, we can ‘’then’’ create true pieces of art.

Nature is such an in twined mathematical structure that it’s a piece of art by itself..

Generating a floating garden with LED UV lights, creating an outer stellar experience floating inside of your Livingroom or studio.

All the answers are there, its for us to bind with this knowledge and stop drinking fluoride!

Dariuz Voltra

The Installation will be personally created for you in your home, studio, store..

It is not possible to ship this! The Artist will visit you and build up this piece of living art directly in your place.

The public transport costs are not included! Please get in touch with us!

More Images you can find HERE

490 EUR